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A revolution in filtering respiratory protection

This doesn’t look like any other respiratory protection mask on the market. The reason is we felt it was time something radical was done for all of you who work in bad air and harmful environments. We worked out what the problems were – and solved them.

This is the result. Made in Sweden, this is a unique positive- pressure mask that doesn’t only provide superior comfort and safety. It’s also one of the most advanced, and easy-to-use, safety products on the market.

We were thinking of those of you who work in harmful environments

The design of this mask is truly unique. The fan is safely protected inside the mask, and the fan speed is automatically regulated thanks to the innovative pressure transmitter, which controls the amount of air needed for positive pressure inside the respiratory mask.

This mask has done away with many of the problems associated with conventional respiratory masks. There’s no more struggling with unwieldy tubes and external units, because this is  a mask, fan and filter gathered in one place. The weight is lower, the breathing is easier, and the vision is better. Also, we’ve brought the time for cleaning and sanitation close to zero.

The fan is self-regulating and adjusts the amount of air for your breathing automatically. This means you’ll be breathing effortlessly, and with an even supply of clean air in the mask. The improved vision makes work safer, and facilitates visual communication with your team. The particle filter is easily and quickly changed, and protects you against every kind of particulate pollution (P3). And, as you’d expect, everything is certified at the highest safety standard for filtering respiratory protection devices.

Work without restrictions

The fan is powered by a rechargeable battery placed inside the fan unit. A fully charged battery is good for 2.5 hours of uninterrupted use. Available as an extra accessory is an external battery of higher capacity, which automatically reduces the weight of the mask, and may also be useful in extreme working conditions. The battery also powers the built-in LED lighting.

The wholly steam-free mask is made of transparent PET and PTE plastics. It is a consumable and can be replaced in case it’s damaged or scratched. It comes in three sizes – Small, Medium, and Large. For maximum comfort and safety, it’s important to select the right-size mask.

The filter has the highest safety standard certificate for particulate filters (P3), and is attached with a bayonet mount on the top of the mask. This makes changing the filter effortless, and takes less than 30 seconds.

Everything is kept in place by an elastic harness, which is easily adjusted for the right fit.

Designed to make your job easier

As your work is demanding as it is, why let your protective equipment bother you more than necessary? We’ve designed the mask to meet the demands of numerous jobs where the air is poor and the environment harmful. This makes the mask equally useful for work in dusty air conditions and extreme environments contaminated by toxic particles and biological viruses.

Easy to use

The mask is made with only a few parts, and they all come together nicely. Should any part need replacing, the task is easy. When it comes to transportation or storage, there are good and simple solutions – like a soft bag to put everything in. A more robust and impact-protective way of storing the mask is by placing it in plastic cases, which may hold several masks and batteries.

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